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When it comes to the Florida weather, it can be absolutely wonderful, however, it isn’t the kindest when it comes to the roof of your home or even business. With heavy rain, hail, extreme sun exposure, hurricanes, tornadoes and even high winds, our roofs in the Florida Panhandle take quite a bit of wear-and-tear. If you feel as though your roof may be damaged or just worn from age, we would be happy to provide an inspection. Depending upon the type of roof you had installed, how long you’ve had it and various other factors, it is recommended to replace a roof between every 10 and 20 years. If you are looking for an honest, experienced and family-owned roofing contractor in the Florida Panhandle, look no further, we would be happy to help with any of your roof repair and replacement needs.

Whether your roof has been damaged in a storm, has a minor leak or needs a complete replacement, Timberman Roofing is the Florida Panhandle roofing company to call. We’ll provide an honest quote and get your roofing needs addressed in a timely fashion.

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